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I wrote a post last week that seems to have struck a cord.

In it, I talked about what I was calling Indie Businesses. Businesses that historically would have raised venture capital, but were deciding to forgo funding and blaze their own trail independent of the pressure and expectations that come with outside investment.

Many commenters rightly pointed out that Indie, or VC free, businesses are the rule rather than the exception and they would be right to posit that.They took issue with me suggesting that this was a new thing but they were only partly right.

You see, the point I wanted to make was that we’re at an critical inflection point for entrepreneurship. The company man and his accompanying gold watch and pension are a relic that I, nor my kids, will see again in our lifetimes. As the book that arrived on my doorstep this week celebrated, the startup is now you. And I believe that’s a fundamental change.

This video celebrating 9 Detroit based businesses captures much of that new independent spirit. Note that no one is talking about raising money, eyeing an IPO or changing the world. They talk of community, and independence, of filling a need and meeting a demand. They make crepes, coffee, pizza, bagels and custard pies. They watch dogs and watch out for visitors to their city. They teach, educate and inform. They share a love for their craft and seem to be collectively crossing fingers that their hard work and passion will be enough to make it on their own.

This video celebrates the spirit of the indie businesses I tried to capture in that post. Which is why it’s required weekend viewing on BRYCE DOT VC.

Go, indies, go.


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